Aftersales warranty extension


The warranty extension for your Carraro tractor

We want to help you to concentrate, work and develop your professional activities without being distracted by worry.

Entrust all maintenance operations to an authorised Carraro centre, where staff receive suitable training on a constant basis. The operations are carried out according to the maintenance intervals and check lists recommended by the manufacturer, and are recorded for you on your maintenance certificate.

A summary of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Long life and perfect condition of your tractor
  • Reduced use of lubricants and fuel, increased tractor efficiency thanks to regular maintenance at authorised Carraro centres and original CARRARO replacement parts.
  • All operations carried out by a qualified CARRARO dealer
  • Control over operating costs
  • Value of used machine in case you decide to sell your Carraro tractor

Please note that in order for the warranty extension to be valid, the stipulated maintenance operations must be carried out in accordance with a scheduled maintenance contract, as specified by the manufacturer.

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